TECHNIQUE CONSTRUCTION undertakes technical control missions that allow the prevention of the technical eventualities that could cause damage, and helps verify the respect of the rules of art in the construction field.
The base missions of technical control are relative to the work solidity and the security of people.
COPRESTE engineers put forward to all the construction stages their opinion, from the conception to the work delivery.

COPRESTE DIAGNOSIS verifies the regulation conformity and gaps, towards to the vigour regulations      

(fire safety disabled accessibility, solidity, sound isolation.)


COPRESTE EXPLOITATION does the periodic verification of your equipments and installations in the establishments that are following the working code, the regulations of ERP(Establishment open to the public) or the regulations of BHB.

They allow to maintain in conformity your installations, your different equipments, as well as preventing the risks that might face your activities, your staff or your visitors.



COPRESTE TRAINING gives you the field experience of its engineers in different sectors of civil engineering: regulation training, code of the the construction and habitation, developpment of technical abilities, technical management of buildings, professionalisation for reconversion or search for performance. 

Together, we customize your training and adjust its content according to your needs.



works along with local representatives in order to lead missions of inspection and measurments that allows our clients to get reliable information on the conformity of work, installations, or equipments as well as their performances and the potential risks in the domain of building, civil engineering, industry and infrastructure.
Leaded with the french or british standards, COPRESTE engineers anticipate the risks, and contribute in the prevention of the different eventualities that could possibly encountre the work realisation.



Because we are a human sized company:

COPRESTE insures you a reactive and adapted service to your needs.

COPRESTE develops customized technical solutions with and for you.

COPRESTE is committed to be a genuine partner capable of delivering a technical solution.

Because we are armed with more than 20 years of experience in the field of construction:

COPRESTE is a leading provider of building and construction inspection in France.

COPRESTE devotes engineers with a significant experience and effective tools to achieve construction  projects.

COPRESTE offers you a wide range of building and construction inspection missions.



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Arrêté du 23 juin 2017 portant agrément pour effectuer les vérifications techniques réglementaires dans les établissements recevant du public et les immeubles de grande hauteur

Agrément du contrôle technique construction du ministère de l'écologie, du développement durable et de l'énergie et du ministère du logement, de l'égalité des territoires et de la ruralité

N° 3-1226

Portée disponible sur

Organisme agréé par le ministère de l'intérieur pour le contrôle des ateliers et entrepôts- Vérification au regard de l’arrêté préfectoral n° 2013-0789 du      15 juillet 2013 (pour les installations électriques et les mesures constructives)