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As an independent third party review and inspection the technical inspector shall examine the technical provisions of the drawings and other technical execution documents prepared by the contractor and transmitted by the construction manager referring to the works subject to inspection.

The technical controller shall inspect, through regular punctual visits on the site, the construction works and equipment elements submitted to his control and shall forward to the construction manager his reports with findings and recommendations and corrective actions needed on such visits.

COPRESTE offers the following technical assistance and inspection missions:​

Mission L: Solidity and Stability of the structure;

Mission S: Life & Fire Safety;

Missions PS: Seismic Protection;

Mission F: Functioning of Technical Equipments ;

Missions PHh, Pha, et TH: Soundproofing & Thermal Insulation ;

Missions HAND et Brd: Disabled Persons & Emergency Stretcher;

Mission LE: Solidity of the Existing Buildings;

Mission Av: Extension of building & Construction basement;

Mission GTB/BMS: Building Management System;

Mission HYSh et HYSa: Building Hygiene;

Mission CO: Coordination in the case of several building/construction inspectors.

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